About Freeze Dried Depot

After seeing significant growth in the home freeze-drying industry and a demand for freeze-dried products from friends and family, Freeze Dried Depot officially launched in December of 2020, in Boise, Idaho. In 2022, husband and wife, David and Kellie, became sole owners of Freeze Dried Depot. As a family of 4, with two young kids, we are focused on alternative on-the-go healthy lifestyle snacks!  

In addition to being a flexible family-friendly business, freeze-drying also allows us to be creative and produce food options that are both healthy and fun. We can assure our customers are snacking on the best products, as Freeze Dried Depot only selects fresh seasonal fruit and premium brands of products to freeze dry.

Freeze Dried Depot is committed to freeze-drying quality over quantity. We want to be your resource for fresh high-quality freeze-dried products; whether you are backpacking, camping, adventuring on family road trips, flying to new destinations, or simply seeking an alternative treat.

Thank you for supporting our local business, we look forward to providing you with the freshest freeze-dried treats from Idaho.

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