About Freeze Dried Depot

We started as a side business for friends and family but after seeing growth in the home freeze drying industry and more people asking for our product we launched Freeze Dried Depot. 

Our journey began after both of our wives jobs were jeopardized during the early stages of the pandemic in March 2020. Michael and I were brainstorming about side businesses we could start using our various skill sets that would help our families become less reliant on employers for job security but more importantly a business that would provide more flexibility to spend time with family.

So why did we start a freeze-drying business? We noticed how the home freeze-drying industry was evolving into a more accessible food preservation option and that various sweets, candy, fruit, and veggies are gaining in popularity as alternatives for snacks on-the-go and other fun events. Freeze-drying allows us to be creative and produce food options that are both healthy and fun.
We select premium brands of products to freeze-dry so that you know you are eating and snacking on the best products. From Tillamook Ice Cream to seasonal fresh fruits at the local market, we choose to freeze-dry quality over quantity.
We want to be your resource for high-quality freeze-dried products when you are backpacking, camping, taking road trips with the kids, have a long flight, want something different for a birthday party or wedding reception spread, or simply need a healthy snack on-the-go.
Freeze Dried Depot is based in Boise, Idaho, and distributes fresh freeze-dried products all over the United States.

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