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Freeze Dried Depot

Freeze Dried Caramel Crunch

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Exploding with lush chocolate and caramel, these freeze-dried sweets are made from the Caramel M&Ms ® candy pieces. Caramel is truly a chocolate lover's dream. Laced by a delicately sweet chocolate shell, the caramel transform into a light and airy caramel center that’s uniquely crunchy and tastes just like freshly made, buttery caramel - all without the sticky mess! Given the crunchy nature of these newfound snacks, they’re perfect for those with braces, or other oral issues that have previously kept you away from sticky and hard-to-chew treats like caramel. It's like a malt-ball with chocolate, so tasty!

You will be the talk of the party at your bbq, birthday party or corporate event. Great for a unique wedding reception treat, bachelor/bachelorette party, company events, or holiday parties.

  • Each bag includes NET WT 3.0 OZ of freeze-dried caramel crunch bites.
  • Larger quantities are available. Contact us for how much you want and we will send you a price.
  • Delivered in resealable kraft mylar bags so you get the freshest product to eat right away.
  • Contains milk, soy and peanuts. Please read the ingredients label before purchase as food may contain allergens.
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